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Ayka India Trust
For The People
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About Us

We envision an India where every child has access to holistic education to build their skills and develop as human beings, where students have equal academic and extracurricular opportunities and where dreams aren't limited by socio-economic constraints.


Together, we can make this vision a reality.

Ayka aims to influence change for underprivileged populations in terms of education, empowerment and breaking generational barriers.

With you, we can build an environment fit for quality education, and distribute surplus resources to the underserved sections of society.


School Transformation Projects

Ayka is on a mission to build quality learning environments for students, mentally and physically. We paint murals in run-down areas with cultural art or paintings pertaining to social or environmental issues, as well as take up schools to transform through wall painting and fundraising for infrastructural development, electricity provision and more.


Recent Work...

Our Partners and Collaborators

Arts and Crafts

We believe. We care. Our vision extends to making the world a better place to live in

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Donate Now!

We fundraise for local NGOs at 0 cost.



Tuition Fees for School Students


Past Fundraiser Impact

Sustainable Textbook Provision

Raised Rs.74,479


Fundraiser for Ayka's Quality Education Projects 


Sanitary Pads Drive

Raised Rs.40,000

Jai Hind Slum Project

Raised Rs.1,00,000

Fist Bump

Our Team.

The dynamic and enthusiastic leadership team that runs the central operations at Ayka.

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