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Regular Workshops for Skill-Building

We are proud to partner with a diverse range of NGOs and schools across India. Through these collaborations, we aim to tap into the vast potential of young minds, offering them opportunities to grow, learn, and prosper.

Our workshops are tailored to the needs of our partners and the communities they serve. We constantly refine and expand our curriculum to ensure that our participants are equipped with relevant skills that can be applied immediately and effectively.


Ayka Fellowship Programme

An important segment of Ayka’s mission is to enhance the performance of existing NGOs so they can reach their fullest potential, bridging the gap between traditional and modern approaches to administration, marketing, social media and teamwork.

We offer a 6-month Fellowship Programme, where carefully-selected Ayka Fellows will be placed in an NGO to intern in a field of their choice, trained in tasks to transform the NGO’s approach and significantly increase its impact. Opportunities are diverse and dynamic. Learn more.

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Wall Painting Initiatives

Our wall painting projects aren't just about beautification – they're about storytelling, awareness, and community building. Each project is curated based on the needs and aspirations of the community in question, and a new institution is picked up every month.


In the last year alone, we've transformed the walls of over 25 schools into canvases of inspiration and hope. Through our art, we aim to ignite imaginations, inspire dreams, and create an environment conducive to learning.


Join Us in Our Mission

Whether you're an NGO, school, or individual, there's a place for you at Ayka India Trust. By working together, we can create a brighter, more empowered future for India's youth and the communities they call home.

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