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Volunteer With Us

Individuals, schools, universities and corporates



Everyone is welcome to volunteer with us! All you have to do is press the button below and fill the form.

and we will get back to you in a few days.

What awaits you next is an onboarding email, joining all our groups and starting your volunteering journey by responding to opportunities posted on our group!


Educational Institutions

We welcome Schools and Universities to collaborate with us. We organise internship programmes for students to gain departmental experience, learn about volunteering, managing large-scale events and handling the day-to-day of an organisation.


We also organise one-off activities, assigning events to student groups from different institutions to volunteer at. 

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Corporate Engagement

Ayka organises corporate engagement activities for employees to enjoy volunteering with their peers with a day of wall painting, or for corporates to have a chance to engage their employees in mentorship programmes, storytelling sessions and much more with underprivileged children to inspire and help them. 

We have worked with Amazon, Marks & Spencer, IndusInd Bank, Dynata, Cushman & Wakefield, Zuari Global, Whispering Yarns and ConnectFor. 

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